My Services

Website Experience Design & Development

I am available to develop or overhaul websites for artists, small businesses and non-profit organizations building or moving to Squarespace. In this process I will work with you to design an experience for your audience that brings your work to life. We’ll think about the information architecture, content revisions, the overall look and feel of how you want to represent your business to the world, and connectivity between your communications tools. Samples of websites I’ve designed or worked on include  Darrell Grant (Squarespace), Del Mar Designs (Squarespace), Tangled Roots (Squarespace), Cappella Romana (Wordpress), and this website, Stern Creative Solutions, Inc. Please contact me to inquire about these services. Rates vary by the size of the website, and add-on services that may be needed.


Need help expanding your professional and organizational network? Are you looking for strategies to deepen your community relationships, engage donors or connect with the private sector? I will work with you to think through your overall organizational goals and set a plan to connect with the people and projects you need to be successful.

Strategic Events

Events can both boost an organization and also be a drain on the staff and volunteer base. Let’s keep to the former and make sure your events are strategic, creative and effective. I have over 10 years of experience conceptualizing, planning and producing high quality events, both small and large, and can help you create an experience that both accomplishes your mission and engages your audience.